Apr 12 • 15M

The B-Side: Why My Mom Carries Cash

The seventh episode in 14 East's podcast series revisiting stories from our archives

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A weekly podcast from the 14 East newsroom revisiting powerful, insightful and original stories from our archives that we've reported and how we've reported them, with commentary from the writers. Illustration by Bridget Killian, 14 East.
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Written and produced by Grace Del Vecchio

Recorded by Claire Malon

Published in 2019, “Why My Mom Carries Cash” dives into the harmful nature of stigma regarding homelessness. Featuring a collection of interviews from those experiencing homelessness, housing organizers and advocates and community members, Editor-In-Chief Grace Del Vecchio writes about culture around homelessness in Chicago and how stigma plays a direct hand in stopping those experiencing it from getting the help and resources they need. 

This episode of ‘The B-Side’ was featured in 14 East’s weekly newsletter, In The Loop, on April 11. Read the full newsletter here. Cover art for the podcast is by Bridget Killian.

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“I met some of the best people in the world out here and some of the worst people out here,” said Ishmael, 58. “Good always wins, if I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t even wake up.” / Photo (and header for the original story) by Grace Del Vecchio