May 17 • 26M

The B-Side: More Than Skin Deep

Our ninth episode of 14 East's podcast digging into past stories

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A weekly podcast from the 14 East newsroom revisiting powerful, insightful and original stories from our archives that we've reported and how we've reported them, with commentary from the writers. Illustration by Bridget Killian, 14 East.
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Story by Yusra Shah
Recorded and produced by Claire Malon

Our ninth episode of The B-Side is a cultural commentary from former multimedia editor Yusra Shah. In her piece, titled, “More Than Skin Deep,” Shah discusses her feelings regarding plastic surgery and breaks down some of the harmful stigmas associated with getting work done. 

Featuring insight from both cosmetic patients and professionals, Shah explains how plastic surgery is a deeply personal choice, more rooted in one’s internal self-image than an external desire to look better for others. Pulling from her own experiences with insecurity, Shah concludes that plastic surgery can be a source of strength and confidence and an act of self-love. 

This episode of ‘The B-Side’ was featured in 14 East’s weekly newsletter, In The Loop, on May 16. Read the full newsletter here. Cover art for the podcast is by Bridget Killian.

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Header illustration by Yusra Shah, for her piece “More Than Skin Deep”